We have all been there. Head pounding, eyes crusted over, your mouth tastes like you spend the night licking the bar floor. As you begin to stir, your mind immediately tries to recollect the previous night. What did I say? What did I do? Who did I do it with? Then as you begin to move, the physical aspects of the hangover hit you again. Why is my knee bruised? Was my throat this sore yesterday? My head feels like I need to go through concussion protocol. What the fuck happened last night?

This is the way many of us start the new year. We all have these ideas about how we are going to change our ways. How we are going to lessen our bad habits, and enhance our good habits. Workout more, eat out less. All the typical “new year, new me” mumbo jumbo. So, if we have such great aspirations for the new year, why do we spend the first day feeling as though we slept in a dumpster the night before? Our minds shift very quickly from the resolutions we set for the new year, to the resolution to get a Gatorade and go back to bed.

I am all for personal freedoms. You can live whatever life you want to live. Personally, I know that I drink too much sometimes, and in the past it has really taken its toll on my mental stability. Some of my largest regrets in life involved alcohol.

Many of us have regrets in our life, and we all deal with them differently. One way I see people dealing with regrets is ignoring the past. They take on the mindset that allows them to brush off the regrets, and push them down to a place where they don’t have to think about them. I’ve noticed that the people who do this, often are the ones that struggle the most mentally. On the outside they seem like a knight in shining armor, but upon closer inspection, their armor is covered in cracks. This is exactly the way I once lived my life, and certain aspects of this mindset are actually helpful. I have always been good at putting the past in the past and moving on from mistakes. The area I struggled with was learning from mistakes. I found myself making the same mistakes repeatedly. Those things started to add up, like cracks in my armor, until one blow breaks the armor and I found myself defenseless.

I have begun to learn that the most confident people on this earth didn’t become that way by pretending that their mistakes didn’t happen. These confident and fulfilled people had spent their lives learning from mistakes and then moving forward. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes, because they have built up a mindset that allows them to grow from their regrets.

When you make a mistake, or do something you regret, it is important to move forward and understand that you can’t change the past. Before you do that, learn. Understand why this decision or action makes you feel the way you do. What things lead up to the moment you regret? Once you grasp the situation, then you can begin to move forward. Don’t allow your regrets to become cracks in your armor, repair them so that your armor is stronger moving forward.

Next time you wake up with a hangover, know that it isn’t the alcohol that you regret. It is the mindset that you were drinking with. Go into the night knowing that you aren’t going to feel well in the morning, but that you are mentally prepared to avoid the decisions you know will weigh heavy on you the next day. So that when you wake up, even if your head is ringing, at least your mind is at peace.

Thanks for reading

-E.G. Scholl

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