The Mission

Society is constantly changing, and because of this, the rules and etiquette are constantly changing with it. Social interacting has shifted from face to face interaction, to a blend of online and personal communicating. It can be difficult to represent yourself in an honest and productive manor online. Web based communication should be a tool to present and expose yourself to the world, and it should be harnessed to its fullest potential.

As a content provider, our main goal is to create a guideline for representing one’s self online and in the tangible world. By adapting conventional wisdom to modern society, CHRM creates content to help you become the best version of yourself and transition that into a positive and honest online presence.


We focus on four pillars on which a positive reputation can be built. These traits are important to daily life and in turn, allow for a positive reputation online.


Giving back to the community should be a staple of everyone’s life. By understanding that there is more to life then personal gain, we can begin to grow as positive members of society.


Everyone gets one life and one body. By taking care of our physical well being, we can provide ourselves the best chance at longevity, allowing ourselves to reap the benefits that we have sewn earlier in life.


In life, responsibility is constant. Whether its personal, social, or moral, we all have an obligation to compose ourselves in a responsible way.


Humans have an innate sense of right and wrong. The content we absorb in current society can blur the lines of moral behavior. Having a strong moral compass allows for ethical navigation of all aspects of life.

Many of these concepts overlap, and that is by design. Its hard to live a healthy lifestyle without personal responsibility, just as it is difficult to devote resources to charity without having a strong moral compass. Living with these pillars as staples in life allows us to be the best versions as our self.

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We believe that one of the pillars of a fulfilled life is giving back to the community. That’s why CHRM wants to help you find a worthwhile organization that allows you to do just that. Fill out the form below and we will match you with charities and non profits in your area. Are you ready to live the CHRMed life?