The Social Game is Changing


As online interacting has exploded in the last decade, people have began to see the many positives of having a web based presence. We can instantly share everything with our friends and family, from the biggest moments to a picture of our lunch. It allows us to stay in touch with people who we haven’t seen in years. Through various online medias, I have established connections with many people I would never have crossed paths with in the tangible world. Everyone knows the benefits of social media, but as the popularity of social media has grown, the reach of the virtual world has began to alter the way we act in tangible world.

I have always believed that our online presence should be an honest representation of ourselves, but our current social medias do not always encourage this. Everything we post we do with the intent of getting likes. This causes people hesitate before posting something that might not be well received by their “friends” or “followers.” The demand for a more honest social media has been identified, and a platform called Vero is attempting to provide users with just that.

Vero’s Manifesto¬†establishes the goals for their new social platform. The name “Vero” means truth in Latin. Right from the start, the goals of this platform are to provide users with a method to showcase true and honest versions of themselves. This platform has four levels of connections. These are categorized into close friends, friends, acquaintances, and followers. This allows you to easily choose who sees each of your posts. The idea behind this is that if you want to share something more personal, you can choose what groups see your post. This allows users to be more open and honest with their posts. Vero is being touted as the Instagram killer, and so far it does seem very visually based. The app does allow for other types of posts though. Post categories include photos, links, music, movie/tv, books, and locations. Vero as a platform is ad free. Businesses can’t sponsor, pay for, or boost a post. All the posts in your feed show up in chronological order, meaning there is no hard to navigate algorithm like Instagram and Facebook.

Is Vero the answer to the issues that have arisen in popular social medias? Well, Maybe. It is really too early to tell, and the platform has some wrinkles to iron out. I have been trying to upload my first post the whole time I’ve been writing this. Every time I’ve gotten an error message saying that the post failed to send. This is due to the large influx of new users in the past couple days. Vero is a couple of years old but has started to gain a lot of traction very recently. This issue should be resolved as the platform adapts to the number of users. Another questionable decision by the platform is the option to not run ads. Although I am glad the platform is ad free, it comes with a caveat. Vero intends to become a subscription service once they reach 1 million users. If the platform delivers on its manifesto, I could see myself paying a reasonable yearly subscription. There is a silver lining though. The first million users will have a free subscription to Vero for their lifetime. So if this platform interests you, I would suggest signing up soon because the internet moves quickly and that offer might not be available for long. The only other thing the could prove inefficient is the class system of connections. It is an interesting idea of categorizing your connections, and time will tell if it accomplishes the goals of the platform, or causes animosity between users. My advice is to keep your inner circles as small as possible. Connections can be changed so there is no need to add someone you just met into your circle of friends.

If you join the Vero movement go ahead and follow me. My name is Eric Scholl and my bio has a link to this blog! Hopefully my first post will have finally gone through by the time you reach my profile.

-E.G. Scholl

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